What is it about?

I like to discover new technologies and usually code a lot beside my daily job. Here's the list of my current skills, and the ones I've acquired but don't really use anymore. The years of experience are estimates of their full-time jobs experience equivalent.

❤️ indicates my current favorites.

Skill Sets

    Ruby on Rails stack 7+ years experience
  1. Experience with Rails Engines, Gems creation ❤️
  2. Experience with RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl
  3. Experience with Capistrano, Dokku
  4. Good with HAML / ERB but prefer to avoid SSR
    NodeJS stack 2+ years experience
  1. Experience with ExpressJS, SailsJS, Meteor / Iron and Ionic
  2. GraphQL with Apollo ❤️ and Relay
  3. Managed SocketIO on several projects
  4. Experience with Cordova
    JavaScript 12+ years experience
  1. Experience in VueJS (and Nuxt)
  2. Experience in React ❤️ (and Gatsby)
  3. Experience in ES6
  4. Bases in TypeScript
    Elixir 2+ years experience
  1. Experience with Phoenix
  2. Work with Absinthe ❤️
    CSS 12+ years experience
  1. Versed in SASS / SCSS
  2. Experience in various grid systems (Flexboxgrid, Gridle, Bootstrap)
  3. Enthousiast of BEM via Inverted Triangle CSS
    HTML / XML 12+ years experience
    Databases 12+ years experience
  1. Experience with PostgreSQL ❤️
  2. Experience with MySQL
  3. Experience with MongoDB mostly through Mongoose and Mongoid
  4. Experience with Redis
  5. Extensively use ActiveRecord and other ORMs
    API construction 7+ years experience
  1. Experience with GraphQL ❤️
  2. Large experience in RESTful API architecture / construction
  3. Made several SPA
  4. Managed external APIs structure protected via keys / tokens (JWT ❤️, OAuth, ...)
  5. Managed internal APIs and secured webhook communications
    Git version control 8+ years experience
    Payments solution 8+ years experience
  1. Various experiences with Stripe payment ❤️ (3+ years)
  2. Marketplace architecture with Wirecard, Alipay, WechatPay, ChinaUnionPay (2+ years)
    System Administation 6+ years experience
  1. Experience with AWS (CloudWatch, RDS, ECS/EC2, Lambda)
  2. Experience with Datadog ❤️
  3. Experience with Apache and NGinx
  4. Experience with Dokku / Docker
  5. Experience with SSLs certificates and advanced domains management
  6. CLI / SSH control, management of Linux / Unix based servers without problem
    Product design 2+ years experience
  1. Experience with Figma ❤️
  2. Experience with Sketch
  3. Experience with Photoshop
  4. I've designed several mobile/web apps from start to finish
  1. Experience with Sidekiq
  2. Experience with Webpack
  3. Experience with stress tests stacks such as FloodIO and Artillery

Skills graveyard

    Laravel stack 4+ years experience
  1. Experience with Laravel 4.2 and Laravel 5
  2. Good with Blade
  3. Used several PHP frameworks prior to Laravel such as CodeIgniter, PhalconPHP, SlimFramework (10+ years experience)
    Flash stack 6+ years experience
  1. Experience with ActionScript 1, 2 and 3
  2. Experience with XMLSocket and networking through Flash
  3. Experience with video games programming / algorithms
  1. Large experience in using jQuery
  2. Versed in using EmberJS and GothamJS
  3. Versed in CoffeeScript
  1. Versed in LESS
  2. Experience with CSStyle
  3. Experience with Brunch